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Business Analysis: We’ll identify the changes needed to increase capacity, agility, business responsiveness and adoption of business intelligence solutions.

Environmental Assessment: Documented analysis of your current state of the infrastructure and IT operations.

Actionable Recommendations: Next steps and recommendations for evolving your organization to the desired level of data-driven maturity.

Gain the insight you need to become a data-driven business.

Our Data Discovery Assessment can jump start you into becoming a data-driven business.

The ever-growing flow of data is creating insights that organizations are leveraging to get a leg up on the competition. Taking advantage of these insights should be as much a part of your business strategy as detailed competitive reports are.

Let’s kick-start your data strategy.

Purpose: Help you identify data and analytics needs within your company.


1. Ten minute pre-assessment survey
2. Two hour virtual assessment with key stakeholders
3. One hour post-assessment recommendation review

  • Education on analytics platforms, strategies and best practices
  • Calculated plan of action for analytics tailored to your organization

Key Result Areas:
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence & Visualization
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Cloud Migration/Managed Services